How To: Do the Shim Sham dance

Do the Shim Sham dance

The Shim Sham or the Shim Sham Shammy is a line dance with many different variations in choreography. This version may be different from the one you may have already learned. This version is credited to Leonard Reed and Willy Bryant of the Apollo Theater. Learn how to do the Shim Sham dance steps with this video tutorial. Though this video was shot with music in the background from another room, the tunes normally accompanying this dance include Chick Webb or Benny Goodman's version of "Stomping At The Savoy," Erskine Hawkins' "Tuxedo Junction," Jimmie Lunceford's "'Tain't What You Do (It's the Way That You Do It)", and The Bill Eliot Orchestra's "Shim Sham Song." Follow the steps in this how to video and you will be dancing the Shim Sham Shammy in no time.

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